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ILSA Now Files Surplus Lines Policies and Tax Reports in Mississippi

Oct 04, 2017 Alerts

Insurance Licensing Services of America (ILSA) first offered third-party surplus lines policy filings and premium tax reports over ten years ago. Then, it was a ground-breaking service. Many states expressed reservations. Would a third-party filer show the same care as licensed producers? How would the process work? We worked closely with Stamping Offices and Surplus Lines Associations across the nation to assure them that ILSA's services would produce more accurate filings than ever. Eventually, we proved ourselves and won their confidence and support.

Finally, there was only one hold-out. Mississippi remained convinced that their state regulations prohibited third-party filers. They confused the service that ILSA offers with being a courtesy filer. Over the years, we continued to reach out to them. Finally, we've won them over. At last, ILSA can offer surplus lines policy filing and monthly reports in Mississippi. (Remember, this state does not require zero reports.)

Adding Mississippi to Your Surplus Lines Tax Filings Service

Shortly, ILSA will be contacting individuals and agencies currently enrolled in our Surplus Lines Tax Filings Service directly. Clients only need to respond by email confirming that they want to add Mississippi to their list of enrolled states. Clients then can begin uploading Mississippi policy information for October 2017 through the Surplus Lines Industry Connection (SLIC) on October 1st. Initial reports for these policies will be sent to the state in November.

Interested in Learning More About ILSA's Surplus Lines Services?

If (like Mississippi) you've been reluctant to consider a third-party vendor for surplus lines tax filings services before, now is the time! ILSA makes surplus lines compliance easy by:

  • Bringing all the compliance information you need together in one place
  • Offering 24 hour policy reporting through our secure Surplus Lines Industry Connection (SLIC)
  • Sending email reminders about upcoming filing deadlines
  • Verifying all policy and tax information BEFORE sending it to the states
  • Submitting zero reports automatically, where required
  • Securing your approval before filing reports or making tax payments
  • Providing electronic copies of all filings and reports
  • Giving you 24 hour, secure access to your surplus lines policy filings and reports

Contact us today to speak with a Compliance Coordinator about your surplus lines compliance needs.

Please be aware that ILSA is NOT a courtesy filing service. We file all surplus lines policies and premium tax payments under the license numbers of individual or corporate clients, as appropriate.

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