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Virginia Tax Amnesty

Sep 12, 2017 Alerts

Beginning September 13, 2017, Virginia taxpayers will have the opportunity to pay the liabilities associated with certain delinquent (not filed) periods, with half the normal interest charges and no penalties for a limited time only.

The 2017 Virginia Tax Amnesty will run from September 13 through November 14, 2017. To participate, you must take the following steps for the delinquent periods listed on your Statement of Accounts:

  • File tax returns with payments due for the non-filed periods
  • Pay 100 % of the tax due and 50% of the interest due

If eligible taxpayers pass up this limited-time opportunity to clear up tax debt, the Commonwealth of Virginia will add a penalty of 20% of the unpaid tax to any bill or delinquent period for which the full Amnesty Amount Due has not been paid.

Click here for additional guidelines regarding the Virginia Tax Amnesty Program.

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