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Are You LinkedIn?

Jul 25, 2016 Articles

Lots of us use social media to stay in touch with family and friends, but are you taking advantage of this tool to grow your business? While all social media networks have a role to play, if you’re choosing just one make it LinkedIn. It’s focused on professional networking and communication and offers several advantages for novice social media users.

  • It’s easy to create and maintain. Unlike a website that usually requires an in-house IT specialist or hosting service to create and post updated content, your LinkedIn page is easy to use. You can start with the bare minimum, and add content on your own schedule. This allows your content to develop naturally over time.

  • It’s active, not passive. Once your traditional website is up, it’s pretty much a matter of waiting until potential clients find it. With LinkedIn, you can reach out to peers and potential clients and invite them to connect. LinkedIn’s algorithms even suggest people and companies you may be interested in.

  • It’s about building relationships, not selling. All of us keep a close eye on the return-on-investment for advertising, but using LinkedIn takes that pressure off. The basic service is free, and the point isn’t to sell your product or services. It’s about introducing yourself and your company. You can share your agency and staff’s milestones, highlight your involvement in community activities and share your thoughts on the news of the day. You want to communicate your agency’s values and share relevant information with your professional peers.

For a real-world example of a company’s LinkedIn page (and for the latest information about licensing and regulatory compliance), check out ILSA’s page and connect with us!

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