Corporate Tax & Annual Returns

Department of Revenue and Secretary of State are comprised of ordinary folks just like us. The only difference is they hold the authority to put you out of business should you fail to follow the rules. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

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New Client Help

For new clients, our compliance specialists can research each state that your corporation is registered in to make sure the agency is in good standing. If any overdue reports need to be processed, our compliance specialists can complete all the necessary paperwork to get you on the right path.

The ILSA Tax Relief Plan

No, we can’t alleviate the whole mess, but ILSA can make it a whole lot easier. Our team researches and tracks all necessary filings, then prepares the Annual and Corporate Tax Returns and submits them to the appropriate state agency on your behalf.

How it Works

The issuance of your Certificate of Authority (also known as Corporate Qualification or Corporate Registration) triggers various compliance needs with both the Secretary of State and Department of Revenue. ILSA keeps track of each states' rules and regulations so we can sweat the small stuff while you concentrate on your business.

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The Bottom Line?

The requirements are plentiful and it goes without saying how important it is that these filings are made on a timely basis every year. Failure to file Corporate Tax Returns in a timely manner can result in penalty fees, loss of good standing, and revocation of the client’s corporate registration. Reinstatement of your corporate registration would be necessary at that point, a process which can vary from state to state. ILSA monitors the states in which your corporation is registered; tracking the the specific filings & requirements on an annual and biennial basis.

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