Insurance License Renewals

ILSA’s all-inclusive insurance license renewal service is as convenient as signing your name. We take care of all the details, all the paperwork, all the notices, all the tracking – everything.

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ILSA Knows Requirements

Understanding what states require is a major issue for agents. ILSA knows every state department of insurance requirements and will provide you with monthly notifications of upcoming renewals.

Insurance License Renewals Made Easy

If you receive a renewal form, all you need to do is sign it and send it back to us – we take care of the rest. Any Letters of Certification are ordered by our Renewals Department, and agents are kept apprised of their CE requirements.

Never Forget to Renew Again

- Scheduled email reminders - CE Credit Tracking - 24/7 Access to Online Reports

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The Bottom Line?

The perpetually changing laws and regulations, that can turn initial licensing into a maze of problems, don't stop there. Renewing licenses can be just as painful, and sometimes more so, if multi-state licensing is involved. When agents fail or forget to renew their licenses they face a varying degree of penalty fees; some states will revoke your insurance license. When your license comes up for renewal there is no grace period, and for at least one state, you have to reinstate your license by retaking the test and reapplying for your license. Sound like fun? Probably not.

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