Mergers & Acquisitions

You've researched and analyzed financials, but the smart money knows that the evaluation process cannot end with management and financial analysis. Team up with ILSA for a winning strategy in your due diligence.

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Find Unforeseen Liabilities

If you're an M&A team looking to buy, or a principle looking to sell, our diligent search process will provide you with loads of information to help you in the next step - the negotiations.

Maximized Value Through Partners

ILSA looks to maximize your value, not only through our specialized knowledge but through partnerships with other high quality firms for patent, intellectual property searches, and compliance data from all jurisdictions.

Efficient & Thorough

There are many more reports - with various departments of revenue, secretaries of state, surplus lines departments & departments of insurance - that companies must comply with. ILSA's thorough fact finding research brings an amazing level of efficiency to discovering current standings across the board.

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The Bottom Line?

Don't get caught by unforeseen liabilities that can drive down the sale price, company value or break the deal altogether. By getting ILSA involved, you'll be armed with the proper information to engage in informed merger and/or acquisition negotiations. We come armed with specialized industry knowledge, contacts and relationships allowing us to expand the diligent search beyond just the financials. When you sit down at the table for negotiations, be confident in knowing that all secretary of state, department of revenue, surplus lines license compliance matters have been handled.

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